No place like home

Only around fifty percent of people living in London are homeowners, compared to 64% in The United Kingdom as a whole. London has the highest rents and the highest number of people living in private accommodation and council homes. As a result, there are around 8000 homeless people in London.

Shelter is a housing and homelessness charity. The day-to-day business evolves around: housing conditions, rent prices, evictions, unstable tenancy agreements and waiting lists for council homes. Their research concludes that 61% of UK tenants have experienced severe issues over the last twelve months. These issues can vary from health and safety problems at the lower end to possible eviction at the extreme end. Regardless of the fact that the housing crisis was a prominent issue in the past election, no solutions have been granted.

This project provides a voice to the diverse range of individuals who have been affected by the housing crisis. Within the general debate about the current housing crisis, the main discussion is based around the numbers of people affected. This project aims to talk about the people behind these numbers. With recent cuts in council budgets and organisations like shelter overwhelmed with emails and phone calls, these individuals often have no way to have their voice heard.

All of the portrayed people live in London and have been affected by the housing crisis. Due to the fact that London is overcrowded and foreign investors are mainly interested in profits, London became the capital of the housing crisis in the UK.